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released May 4, 2016

All music and lyrics are written by Angstbreaker, recorded by Fribble and Alex on April 10th, 2016 at the Heartware Studios in Leipzig, mixed and mastered by Fribble at TTx Sound. The sweet little dog was drawed by Marz, picture was done by Alex, layout and artwork by Haschek. Released on PCS Records under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA (bottom line: you are invited to share it with your friends).




Angstbreaker Leipzig, Germany

We are a Hardcore band from Leipzig, breaking the angst since tomorrow!


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Track Name: #MyFriendIsHipster
My friend is hipster and I like it.
Let's pick on hipsters, we love the paradox.

I don't care if you like it pure.
Clash of cultures, your heart bleeds.
I don't care if you lose your face.
Personality by alternate fashions?

Can you see them,
hate paradigms?
Can you feel it,

See the irony when you tag the walls
to get some people out of your hood,
using a term with a bold connection
to anti-segregation and equality.

Keep on to make fun of the Joe Squares,
all the yuppies and traditionalists.
But hating people because of hairs,
shirts and analogue love? You got it?

I'm a hipster and I like it!
Are you a hipster? Do you like it?
Track Name: L.S.I.A.
I still don't give a fuck
about your music biz,
I'm not interested
in boring scene gossip.

Don't wanna waste my time
for fancy promo shots.
Not enough times in the gym,
can't wear the uniforms.

Let's start it again.
Let's start it again.
Let's start it again.

Love the raw energy
it's killing the bad mood.
Broadened horizonts,
food for mind and soul.

As time and hairs go by,
attitude is still the same:
fun, friends and value swag,
far from religiosity.

Let's start it again.
Let's start it again.
Let's start it again.
Let's start ...

Still the wimps you have loved to hate.
Here we go,
here we go,
here we go.

Still the dudes you have learned to love.
Here we go,
here we go,
here we go again.
Track Name: Stomping On Your Grave
When you open your fucking mouth
you spit out a load of crap.
Don't tell us how we should live,
your ideas are inhuman shit.

Every time I see an obituary
I wish I read your name.
You disappear off the face of the earth,
a broad grin appears in mine.

We live in a world full of assholes.
It could be a world full of dead assholes.
We are stomping on your grave!
We are stomping on your grave!
Track Name: 2/3 Straight Edge
Everyday, routine tames and mutes us
and we forgot to raise our voice.
Once used to stand strong for our passion,
now we are satisfied, we live in our niche.

Priviledged enough to have choices,
rich enough to grow opinions.
Still participating on the broken bones
and broken hearts of the exploited.

So let's fight for those
who struggle to live.

Stop talking, no compromises.
Let's push it forward, let's push it forward!
Bring back the attitude and keep the kids involved.
Let's push it forward, let's push it forward!

So many beings suffer for you.
Give something back and speak out for them.
What goes around, comes around.
Make consciousness a part of our lives again.

Stepping out again, stepping out again
out of our comfort zone.
Bring it back again, bring it back again,
the anger and the guts for change.
Track Name: Gone (2016)
My friend,
what happened to you?
(how) have you forgotten
the passion we shared
and the spirit we created?
We travelled along
until a few days ago
but now I cannot understand
what you say.

This story started long ago.
So many things have changed.
Now it feels so far away.
A bitter taste of reality.

I hear your voice,
I see your face
but I can't recognize the friend
I met years ago.
I hear your words,
I see you talk,
and I can't move,
I can't fucking breathe.

There was a time
when we sticked together.
We walked our path
and lived our dreams.
Conceiving ideas,
inspiring each other,
no limitations,
the future was bright.

It ended over night,
we lost what we got.
I wanted to turn my back
on you and all that shit.
But I said Good-Bye,
wishing you all the best.
No reason to disrespect
the last dozen years.

Don't forget that time, it's still a part of you!
No regrets, no regrets!
I won't forget that time, it's still a part of me!
No regrets, no regrets!
I will keep up the spirit, I will move along.
No regrets, no regrets!
Running headfirst, and the heart is still beating.
No regrets! Go!

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